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bernhard faaß
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Wer auf diesen Seiten
Rechtschreibfehler findet, 
darf sie behalten !

 Whoever will find
 orthographic mistakes
 on this page,
may keep them !

B @ empyreal.de

seit 1996
since 1996

Höflichkeit ist
 umsonst , aber
 sehr wertvoll !

Politeness is free,
but worth a lot !

  Children of the future age,
  Reading this indignant page,
  Know that in a former time,
  Love, sweet Love, was thought a crime !

William Blake

Kinder der zukünftigen Zeiten
Die ihr leset diese Seiten
Wisset nun dass ehemals
Liebe, Süsse Liebe als Verbrechen galt  !

Nachdichtung ergeben bernhard faaß


Die sechs Rock ´n´ Roll Lügen
( die Originalen - hier klicken für neue Rock´n´Roll Lügen )
the six Rock´n´Roll Lies
( these are the original ones - click here for new Rock´n´Roll Lies )

and what they really mean

1. We are not in it for the money.
Any picture / autograph etc. will be charged
to you by our management.

2. We never expected such outstanding success.
Everything was excactly planed in
a huge promotion campaign.

3. We don´t "do" any groupies.
. . .

4. We don´t take any drugs.
... - - - ...

5. We fix it in the mix.
She / he doesn´t even hit one note right.

6. We love to be in your show.
You are a boring asshole.

Other lies of lesser importance:

1. We know each other since school-days.
This is the result of a heavy casting.

2. Thanks for the review / criticism / inspiration etc.
Fuck off.

3. Our change of style is not related to
guidelines from the record company.

The contract just leaves every bit of the production
in the hand of the label.

They said we would be out of business forever,
if we won´t agree to a more concurring image.

4. We were just sick of the commercial thing.
The album / single / tour etc. flopped.

5. We know, we will be on stage for the rest of our life.
We are not permitted to disillusionate the fans
about the forcasted end of our carreer at this point of the course.

6. We really hope that our music may only be a small part
of the power to lead humanity a little closer to a deeper
understanding of life as to love and peace on earth for all alive being.
Who the fuck is Jesus ? We belong to Chuthulhu !
Oooh ! Down on your knees and worship
the great ancient CHUTHULHU ! WOAW !!! WOAW !!!

© empyreal 14.10.2002  

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Neue Rock´n´Roll Lügen - New Rock´n´Roll Lies
Ähnlichkeiten mit wirklich existierenden, historischen oder gar noch lebenden Personen sind NICHT beabsichtigt, rein zufällig und eigentlich ein totales Mysterium.
Jedensfalls vollkommen unerklärlich, da es sich hierbei natürlich um Satire handelt.
(Satire: im besten Fall ein Grund zu Lachen :-)

and what they really mean
Any resemblance with really existing, historical or even alive persons are NOT intended, pure coincidence and
actually nothing but mysterious.
Definitly inexplicable while this is meant to be satiric.
(..should be a reason for laughter if possible :-)

1.I play every style.
I can´t read any kind of notation.

2.I´m a singer.
I got no idea at all how an arrangement works,
but do continously interfere the production with
my precious advice.

3.They´d rather work on their own songs.
They are to f...... lazy, to do a job.

4.You got to be professional.
Why bother with culture, while cheap shit makes
you millions by feeding the masses´ stupid motives.

5.The show must go on.
We just got no human sense.

6.We are the creatives.
Snooty a..ho..., who never experienced responsibility
in basic existence.

7. We are more creating atmosphere.
Can´t play.

8. We are the artists.
We don´t have a clue, where the money comes from
we usually spend in exorbitant amounts.


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   Sie es weiter !

   Wenn nicht, behalten Sie´s für sich.

    If you like it , spread the news !

     If you don´t , hold on to yourself.

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